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Monday, 16 August 2010 00:00
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of FancySo, when I wrote up the last volume of Flights of Fancy, I mentioned that the last thing we'd probably ever see was a confession of love between Keiichi and Belldandy. It's almost as if someone was listening, and went out of their way to prove me wrong...

Check the following pages for the episode summaries and screenshots. This disc is maybe a little unusual compared to what's been before, in that there are a few distinct story arcs, beginning with the end of Peorth's visit to Earth. My main problem with Peorth in these episodes is that she comes across as a vindicative, possessive bitch, to be honest - which really wasn't what I was expecting from her, based on what I saw of her in the Ah! My Goddess movie so many years ago. She's really not a character that you can feel much sympathy for, and that makes her exploits hard to watch. On the other hand, her arc does bring one little matter to a head when Urd finally takes Keiichi to one side and gives him a good talking to for being such a spineless wimp. Urd is well aware that Keiichi has no interest in Peorth's advances, but that he's just too nice to tell her - but she's also aware that Belldandy's patience has limits, and the Keiichi needs to deal with the situation one way or another.

Keiichi being himself takes a while to work up the nerve to say something, but eventually - via another of Peorth's schemes - we finally get what we've been waiting so long to here: a confession of love from Keiichi for Belldandy, and her own confession in return. Before you get too enthused about that, though, it has to be said that things immediately return to normal - there's no kiss, no other acknowledgement that the relationship between the two lovebirds has moved on to another level, no change in the way that the two of them behave in the series. It's a sop, necessary for the story at that point, and immediately forgotten about - and in some ways, that makes me even more annoyed than if the scene hadn't been there at all. Frustration? I haz it.

The series then moves on to two other arcs that look to have more long-lasting effects. The first sees Skuld finally learn the meaning of the word 'persistence', as learning to ride a bike sees her having to rely on her own skills and talents instead of just creating gadgets for everything (and possibly getting herself a boyfriend along the way), while the second brings Marller back into the mix - and, as you'd expect, where Marller goes, chaos isn't usually far behind. Both arcs are far better than the opening Peorth tales, and kept me well entertained.

Put it all together and mix well, and I have to admit I got a bit more enjoyment out of this batch of episodes than I did out of volume one. Ultimately, though, Ah! My Goddess is a series that really doesn't go anywhere, and once you get a feel for the characters (which I did a long time ago) there's very little that it can do to surprise you. That limits its appeal, and while these episodes are fun in places, it's still a long way short of being as good as it could be. For some reason, the very name of Ah! My Goddess conjures up an image of a high-quality product - the manga ran for so many years, and had so many fans, that expectations for an animated version were never going to be anything less than mountainous. Sadly, though, the TV series doesn't live up to them. Enjoyable enough, but a long was short of being essential viewing.

Rating - ***