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Friday, 10 September 2010 00:00
Ah! My GoddessFans of Ah! My Goddess lament, for it is the end of the line for the animated adventures of Keiichi and Belldandy. At least they go out with something of a bang, with all eight episodes featuring the gang facing off against the Lord of all Demons - who also happens to be Urd's mother...

If you're looking for full episode summaries and screenshots, check the following pages of the review and you'll be sorted. Someone has been keeping an eye on Marller's chaos-causing exploits, and is a little disappointed at the lack of success she's been having. It seems as though her messing with Urd's split personalities has had some unfortunate side-effects, as Urd hasn't been quite the same since she was put back together - and Marller can't quite track down the problem. With mere demons or First Class goddeses unable to solve the problem, then, it's time to refer to greater powers - Hild, the rule of demonkind. Who also happens to be Urd's mother...

And, it has to be said, Hild is awesome in almost every way. We get the full Lord of Demons treatment in the first episode here, but when she returns to the underworld she leaves behind a portion of herself (in the form of a slightly loli-fied version of herself with cut-down powers) to help Marller with her chaos-causing exploits. It's worth noting that this remnant is still more powerful that most of the goddesses on show, and isn't to be messed with - but fortunately, even Hild seems to have a hard time dealing with the Power of Love™.

It's fair to say that, in setup and idea, the stories we have on this set aren't any different from what we've been given before now: it's the usual string of efforts to either separate Keiichi and Belldandy or pry them apart, depending on who's doing the scheming, and I'll admit that those stories haven't overly impressed me up to now. What's different here is the execution of them, with Hild's involvement bringing another level of humour to proceedings that lifts the show to another, far more enjoyable than what's gone before. Of course, humour is subjective, so not everyone might get the same kick as I did out of Hild's antics, but for me it really did make the difference between average comedy and something really worth watching.

There is one story in here that doesn't involve Hild and Marller, just to break things up a little. It's a more emotional piece that looks at the power of destiny and promises made in years gone by, when Keiichi meets Chieko Honda - or at least, Chieko's ghost, who has been waiting for years for Keiichi's grandfather to honour a promise he made with her. His grandfather has shuffled off the mortal realm, sadly, but in his absence Keiichi will do - whether he likes it or not. It's a good change of tone, and one of the highlight episodes of the series.

We go out, though, trying to get Keiichi to once again do what everyone (both in the series and watching) wants him to do: tell Belldandy he loves her. This is something he seems completely incapable of doing, of course, but the final episode sees Urd team up with Peorth to push the pressure on him to an irresistible level with... well, watch it and see for yourself. Suffice to say it's a decent close to the series (although we're stopping a long way short of the manga), and an apt way of leaving the lovebirds.

So, this is the best volume from either series of Ah! My Goddess, and a good way to say goodbye to the characters in this form. It's just a shame that the journey to get this far wasn't always as enjoyable.

Rating - ****