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Thursday, 25 August 2011 00:00
1 - The Awakened One
Miharu Rokujou is a fourteen-year-old student who really doesn't give a damn about anything - and he'd quite like to stay that way. He's constantly pestered by his classmate Koichi Aizawa and teacher Tobari Kumohira to join their kendo club, though - and when Tobari tries to tell Miharu that he's being targeted by ninja, Miharu understandably doesn't take him seriously. Until he is attacked by a ninja - at which point things start to get really strange...

Hunter, preyUnder attack

2 - Raimei Arrives
Raimei Shimizu, a samurai from the Fuma Village, has come to test the possessor of Shinrabunsho. That would be Miharu - and she quickly finds that he's not at all what she expected. In the course of her testing, she learns that Miharu simply doesn't want to hurt others, and is looking for a way to seal the power that's inside him, so she convinces Tobari and Koichi to take Miharu to Fuma Village and seek help there. As the four approach the village, though, Raimei realizes that something is wrong...

RaimeiLooks ominous

3 - Surprise Attack
The Fuma Village is attacked by ninjas from the Kairoshu clan, who are after the Tenpenka, the 'forbidden technique' of the Fuma Village. One of the attackers, Yoite, overpowers Miharu, Tobari, Koichi, and Raimei - but despite this, Yoite's attack doesn't go entirely according to plan...

Howzit hanginConfident

4 - Duty Declared
Yoite retreats from the Fuma Village, in possession of the Tenpenka for the Kairoshu clan. The battle has left its marks on Miharu and the others - some of them lasting - but with the village having suffered a number of deaths in the battle, somehow his own injuries don't seem to bad. But this may just be the beginning, as village leader Kotaro hatches a plan to raid other villages - just as the Kairoshu are doing...

InjuriesReading up

5 - Greed
Miharu, Koichi, and Raimei leave Tobari and Kotaro to seek and destroy the Engetsurin, the sacred book of the Banten Village, but to no avail. Yamase-sensei returns to ask Miharu a favour, but Koichi and Raimei are onto him and ambush him - at which point it's revealed that Raimei has issues to settle with the Kairoshu: namely, her brother Raiko, who killed their clan to join them. Meanwhile, Kotaro tests the extent of Tobari's ninjutsu, to prove a point, while Yoite pays Miharu a little visit of his own...

Heading outSmack him, now

6 - Choices
Raimei and Koichi awaken to find Miharu gone - he's been taken by Yoite, who demands that he use his power to change the past so that he never existed. Miharu's really not keen on using it - the power to change the world in that way is not to be taken lightly - but when Yoite threatens to kill Tobari, Koichi and Raimei if he doesn't co-operate, Miharu decides that it's best to do as he's told. Not that Yoite has long to live for anyway. While Miharu returns to the others, for now, Yoite asks Kazuhiko Yukimi, his caretaker and squad leader of the Kairoshu clan, whether or not he is truly alive in the first place...

Lovebirds, you'd thinkSurprise!