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Thursday, 25 August 2011 00:00
7 - A Mind Made Up
The Banten clan is approached by Yae Oda, president of the Fog Blue Corporation and leader of the Togakushi Village. By offering the Izuna Shingan, the kinjutsusho of the Togakushi Village, as reward and using the very technique to hold their secrets hostage, she asks them to assassinate a man for her: Eugene Frosty CEO of the Frost Company and a man who's been warmongering in deprived countries so he can profit from the resutling weapons sales. He also seems to have connections with the Kairoshu. Meanwhile, Raimei heads back to the Fuuma Village to see what has been learnt about Raiko...


8 - A Mind Passed Along
Yukimi and Yoite step in with Miharu as their hostage, preventing Tobari's assassination attempt. Frosty flees to the parking, where Yae vows revenge on his aide Nowake. After the others four arrive, Yoite is forced into using his Kira technique - and fearing for his friends' lives, Miharu tries to stop him. Meanwhile, Koichi completes the mission and hypnotizes Nowake into taking the blame for the killings when the police arrive. Yae, meanwhile, has to deal with both the way in which her ability went so badly wrong, and by the revelation that there was a spy in her camp all along...

WitnessHypnotic gaze

9 - Prelude
A murder brings Raimei closer to finding Raiko, and Koichi is sent to stop her from doing anything drastic. Miharu, meanwhile, is staying with Tobari while his grandmother is away. At a gathering of the Kairoshu clan, Yoite begins to show signs of his life force leaking due to his overuse of his kira ability, prompting him to leave and find Miharu. Miharu has already explained to Tobari that he's willing to use the shinrabanshou to help Yoite. Hanabusa Seki, a paleontologist, finds Yoite unconscious near Tobari's house. Raimei arrives at a garden where Raiko attacks her.

The 'bad' guysRaimei

10 - Polka - Raiko and Raimei
Raimei and Raiko confront each other. However, Raiko fatally wounds Raimei, leaving her for dead, and takes her sword, Kurogamon, with him when he retreats. Yoite, meanwhile, has been carried by Hanabusa to her home - which she just happens to share with Tobari. She's insistent that Yoite should be treated well while in her house, but Tobari's not so keen - and neither, it seems, is Yoite. Later, Yoite asks Miharu to bring him the Engetsurin kinjutsusho and the Izuna Shingan kinjutsusho, reminding him that he still holds his friends' lives hostage...


11 - Curtain Call
Raimei, released from the hospital, is determined to retrieve her katana, despite being warned that she's not fully recovered yet. Meanwhile, the Banten clan has encountered Gau Meguro, an assistant of Raiko and a member of the Kairoshu clan. At Raimei's home, he tells her the truth about the day Raiko killed the rest of their clan. Raimei returns to the site of their fight and, after seeing Raiko there, demands Kurogamon back. During the ensuing battle, Raiko, about to finish Raimei off, accidentally slashes Gau when he jumps between them...


12 - Will
When Miharu goes to visit Gau, Raimei tells him that Tobari told her about his promise to Yoite and says she'll help him. Miharu meets up with Yoite and retrieves the Izura Shingan kinjutsusho, before announcing to the Kairoshu clan that he is joining them and giving them the scroll. Meanwhile, the Banten clan, as well as the Kairoshu clan, receives an invitation to an academy located in the Kouga Village. Miharu, Raiko, Yukimi, and Yoite set off toward it...

In hidingBling

13 - The Schoolhouse That Never Sleeps
Representatives of the Kairoshu and the Banten clans reach the Alya Academy located in the Kouga Village to discuss the future of the world of Nabari, and are welcomed by the students of the academy since the leader of the village is on his deathbed. Secretly, everyone is just after the Daya, the kinjutsusho of the Kouga Village. Tobari is unable to understand why Miharu has defected to the Kairoshu clan, while the students of the academy attack the Kairoshu and the Banten ninja under cover of night...

Terminal patientGotta be hard to learn

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