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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 00:00
132 - Hitsugaya, Karin, and Soccer Ball
Karin meets Hitsugaya while out playing street soccer. When she discovers that older students at her school are using a soccer field for practice during a time slot that her team had booked, there's an inevitable confrontation, and the two teams decide to have a soccer match for control of the field. Karin asks Hitsugaya to join, but he refuses; however, he realises that she can see hollows and goes to watch the match. Which is just as well as, after the match is completed, a hollow appears on the scene...

Missing IchigoBallgame

133 - Ikkaku: The Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale
Asano asks Ikkaku to help train a group of kendo students at his school. Ikkaku's brutal training causes most of the team to quit; the only person to stick it out is a boy named Shinji, who is determined to become stronger. To recruit more team members, Ikkaku asks his fellow Soul Reapers to take part in the kendo tournament. The Soul Reapers easily defeat their opponents, however, a hollow appears nearby, forcing them to leave in order to fight it. Shinji fights the final opponent in the tournament, and manages to defeat him as Ikkaku kills the hollow - but Ikkaku, having dealt with the hollow, is enraged at having missed an opportunity for a fight...

Mr MoodyCheering crowd

134 - The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika!
Twelfth division Soul Reaper Rin Tsubokura is sent to Karakura Town to conduct research, and Hanataro accompanies him as an escort while Yumichika Ayasegawa, one of the Soul Reapers based in the real world, is assigned as their guide. While Rin gets down to the seriosu business of searching for sweets to purchase, they encounter the ghost of a cake maker who wants the three Soul Reapers to bake a cake for his mother. Upon delivering the cake, however, the chef's mother refuses to eat it because it reminds her of her son, causing the chef to begin transforming into a hollow...

New arrivalsCook-off

135 - Kon is Deceived! Rangiku on the Lookout..
After meeting up with Rangiku, Kon rescues a girl named Miyuki from drowning. In the process, however, Kon soul somehow ends up inside Shintaro, Miyuki's stuffed animal. Kon attempts to talk to Miyuki, who asks that Kon play with her, as she has no friends outside her house. "Shintaro" is the name of her old dog - a dog that's about to come back and bite her, literally, when a two-headed dog hollow - the combination of the souls of Shintaro and a doberman - attacks them....


136 - Civil War in Hueco Mundo! Ulquiorra's Death
In Hueco Mundo, an Arrancar named Patros and his two subordinates steal the Orb of Distortion, and kill Ulquiorra in the process for refusing to side with them. Unwilling to continue taking orders from Aizen - working for a Soul Reaper really doesn't appeal to them - Patros wishes to use the Orb of Distortion to take control of the world of the living, and so he heads for Urahara's shop as he believes someone there will know how to use the orb...


137 - The Malicious Battle, Aizen's Trap
Ulquiorra's death and the theft of the Orb of Distortion are revealed to be a plot engineered by Aizen, using his illusion-casting zanpakuto. In the real world, Patros' subordinates are defeated, while Renji uses his bankai against Patros, forcing him to release his zanpakuto. Patros begins to overwhelm Renji, and reveals the secret of his attacks to the Lirin. Which turns out not to have been one the the smartest things he's done...


138 - Hueco Mundo Moves Again! Hitsugaya vs Yammy
Aizen creates a new Arrancar, Wonderweiss Margera, using the power of the Orb of Distortion, and tasks Ulquiorra with gathering Arrancar for a mission. Meanwhile, Ichigo's visored training has enabled him to use his hollow mask for eleven seconds - not much, but a start, and with Aizen and his group beginning to move openly he doesn't have time to train further as he encounters Grimmjow and gets a chance to put his new abilities to use. In Seireitei, Orihime and Rukia are themselves training for the upcoming war with Aizen....


139 - Ichigo vs Grimmjow, the 11-Second Battle!
Ichigo dons his hollow mask, and overwhelms Grimmjow with his enhanced power. However, he's unable to defeat Grimmjow within his eleven-second limit, and Grimmjow takes the advantage. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya battles Yammy, and Luppi demands that Yammy retreat so he can fight all the Soul Reapers present. Luppi releases his zanpakuto, sprouting eight tentacles from his back, and after knocking Hitsugaya into the ground, captures all of the Soul Reapers. Before he can dispatch Rangiku, Urahara arrives, cutting one of his tentacles, and begins to fight Yammy. In Soul Society, as Orihime crosses into the real world, Ulquiorra attacks her, severely injuring her Soul Reaper guards and demanding that she come with him...

HitsugayaIn trouble

140 - Ulquiorra's Scheme, the Moment when the Sun Sets!
As the battle with Luppi continues, Hitsugaya uses a sneak attack with his bankai and defeats Luppi. Meanwhile, Urahara dodges Yammy's attacks using one of his inventions, and subsequently nullifies all of them. Grimmjow nearly kills Ichigo, but he's saved by Rukia, although she's nearly killed herself. Grimmjow begins to battle Shinji, and after Shinji dons his hollow mask, he overwhelms Grimmjow. As Grimmjow prepares to release his zanpakuto, Ulquiorra intervenes and, having achieved his goal of securing Orihime, orders all the Arrancar to return to Hueco Mundo...

FrozenLooking Grimm

141 - Goodbye..., Kurosaki!
Ulquiorra gives Orihime twelve hours to say goodbye to one person, and provides her with a bracelet that makes her invisible. Orihime travels through Karakura Town, watching her friends from a distance. She uses it to visit Ichigo, who is recovering from the injuries Grimmjow inflicted on him, and after using her powers to heal him. she makes a confession of her love to him while he sleeps. With that, her time in the world of the living comes to an end...

SorrowFarewell kiss?

142 - Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Orihime Inoue
Tatsuki realises that Orihime is missing following the attack by the Arrancar. Because she had time to heal Ichigo before her disapperance, captain Yamamoto jumps to the assumption that she's a traitor who left of her own volition, and refuses to allow any attempt to rescue her. Meanwhile, Tatsuki questions Ichigo about Orihime's disappearance, only to be told that it's none of her concern. Ichigo, unwilling to abandon Orihime, turns to Urahara for help, and along with Chad and Ishida begins planning a rescue mission...

SurpriseJust a moment!

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