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Friday, 18 November 2011 00:00
BleachThe incursion into Hueco Mundo continues, and while Ichigo and his friends are making heavy going of reaching Las Noches, Aizen's base of operations, it seems that Orihime isn't planning on being quite the obedient pawn that Aizen was expecting her to be...

Orihime's power isn't just a simple healing power: it's the power to reject reality, to rewind events and leave the world as though they had never happened, and that's a power that Aizen could make real use of. He's making a determined effort to play on Orihime's emotions, to get her to the state where she becomes his loyal servant, but it seems that's going to require more work than he planned, as she's still planning on simply playing along until rescue arrives. And when Aizen takes her into his confidence to show her the location of the Orb of Distortion - the key to his plans - she spots a way in which she could seriously disrupt them. Ichigo and the other, meanwhile, continue to fight their way towards Los Noches, but keep being help back by wave upon wave of hollows and Arrancars...

Only nine episodes in this set, which I think makes it the shortest volume of Bleach so far. And given how little of real interest is going on here, that's probably a good thing. This'll be a short one.

Cast your mind way back to early in Bleach, which Ichigo and friends had to inflitrate Seireitei to rescue Rukia from her impending execution by the Soul Society. The gang had a clear objective, and somewhere they could easily identify where they had to reach to achieve it (the execution site). The raid on Hueco Mundo is so similar in idea and execution that I could almost copy'n'paste a review from one of the sets that deal with that raid - Ichigo and co arrive in Hueco Mundo, find they're a long way from where Orihime is being held, but they can at least see Las Noches, Aizen's castle, so they know where they're going. All they have to do is make their way there, fighting through the inevitable foes they meet in a series of set-piece battles, and making a few friends along the way. It's exactly the same "story" (by which I mean "excuse for lots of battles"), just in a different setting. The Seireitei arc quickly became dull and repetitive to me - and with the Hueco Mundo incursion going no more quickly, take a quick guess at what I think of it.

There is one difference, though. Whereas Rukia never got to do much but sit in her cell and await the inevitable, Orihime gets to sit in her cell and await a chance to turn the tables on Aizen in a potential major way. She never realised quite what her powers were capable of until Aizen and his Arrancar pointed it out to him, but once the possibilities are revealed, she's quick in realising that once the opportunity arises she could use them to destroy his plans, and should she have the backbone to go through with the plan that forms in her mind over the course of these episodes, things could get quite interesting. The danger, of course, is that we'll find out that Aizen has predicated her actions all along and she'll end up helping rather than hindering him - we've got plenty of precedent that shows that the series just won't allow Aizen to be thwarted - but hey, I can hope.

Past that, there's not a hell of a lot to say. The usual Arrancar scheming, the usual continuous stream of battles that you get in arcs like this. Not the sort of thing that particularly floats my boat, but definitely the sort of thing that plays well to Bleach's core audience. I just wish there was more to it.

Rating - **