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Monday, 28 November 2011 00:00
K-On!Take a group of 2nd-year students, add a 1st-year student, and you know what's going to happen, especially if she's adorable: there will be teasing - and in this case, clud advisors with nekomimi and maid outfits, just bursting to get the newbie to try them on. And so Azunyan is born. Meanwhile, there club has training camp and school festivals do deal with - and impending disaster, too...

9 - New Club Member!
Azuza's in danger of being loved to death, especially when the other girls find out that she can actually play guitar. And let's not forget the effect that having someone call her 'sempai' has on Yui. Azusa, on the other hand, is slowly beginning to realise that her new club-mates are a rather strange bunch. Especially the part where they drink tea, eat snacks, and never practice - and there's only so much strange behaviour that the poor girl can take...


10 - Training Camp Again!
To Azusa, hearing from Ui that the Light Music Club had "a lot of fun" at their last training camp must mean that they spent the whole time practising. Uh, no - as she's about to find out, as it's that time of year again. And Tsumugi's got an even bigger summer house laid over for them this time. But while the other girls are happy to goof off as usual, Azusa can't help but wish they'd get down to business and do some proper practising...

Guess who was behind her...Just wants to practise

11 - Crisis!?
The school festival's coming round again, and once again Ritsu has forgotten to put the paperwork in for getting the club an auditorium slot. First order of business: the name of the club's band, which for some reason they've never thought of until now. Second order of business: Yui's guitar, which she's let get into an awful state of repair. But those are minor problems, compared to the fairly major one of Ritsu walking out on the club after a row with Mio...

Thump incomingPutting the baby to bed

So. The first two volume of K-On! covered the first year of the club's existence, with all the usual things that clubs do - training camps, school festivals, and so on. Now we're into the Light Music Club's second year, and we've got... training camps, school festivals, and so on. You may be spotting a theme here. The main difference is, of course, Azusa, who after making the decision to join our merry band of crazy girls at the end of the last volume, is now trying to settle in to the club's routine - and isn't finding it easy. Azusa wants to practice, the other girls want to eat cake. Azusa wants to practice at training camp, but everyone else is busy playing at the beach. Sawa-sensei wants to dress her up as a cat-girl maid (I APPROVE!), and don't even get her started on how badly Yui's been looking after her guitar.

In a way, it's a rerun of the first half of the series, seen through a new pair of eyes - which is just enough to keep things fresh. Azusa's arrival also changes the dynamic of the existing relationships in the club as well, with Mio taking a liking to Azusa and Ritsu developing a bad case of jealousy as a result; while Yui latches onto the new cutest thing for miles like a limpet. (Mugi? She's just there, providing cake and expensive homes to camp in. Never did really see the point of her past that...) It's all a bit overwhelming for Azusa, initially, although she does eventually get into the swing of things.

I have to admit, I am an Azunyan fan - she was easily my favourite of the girls the first time I saw the series, and that hasn't changed this time around. She brings a healthy dose of "normal" to an otherwise crazy bunch, and seeing things through her eyes often highlights just how strange the rest of the girls are - a good little change of perspective. The way the other girls play around with her & tease her is also fun to watch. Sometimes adding someone new to a group like this can be a bad thing, but Azusa's arrival is definitely for the good.

Past that, of course, K-On! is K-On! and just gets on with doing its usual thing. If the show and its antics didn't appeal to you before now, this volume isn't going to change that. If it did, though, this volume mixes things up nicely & is well worth watching.

Rating - ****

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