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Wednesday, 10 August 2005 12:48
Witch Hunter Robin - Volume 2 (Cover Art)Another volume of Witch Hunter Robin, and another four investigations by the STN-J mob.  Feel free to stop if this starts to get a little bit samey - these episodes are nothing more impressive than Murder She Wrote with an occult twist, and very little of the promising undertones that the first volume served up.  Still at least Robin can use her powers now without creating a firestorm...

5 - Smells like the Wandering Spirit
The STN-J is investigating the disappearance of a man who could well be a witch, and checking through the city's homeless for any trace of him.  When they think they are onto him, a man seems to take fright when he sees Sakaki and runs away. Sakaki pursues him, thinking he is dealing with a witch, but the panic-stricken man runs without looking where he is going and gets run over by a truck.  The autopsy shows none of the genetic markers that a witch should have - so why was he panicking so much?  Some further investigation by Amon based on some details the gang spotted at the death scene pulls up the details of an unusual witch power that may have been the cause - but catching the witch himself proves to be extremely difficult...

Witch Hunter Robin - Visions of fearWitch Hunter Robin - Chance encounter

6 - Raindrops
Robin runs out of petrol whilst out riding on her Vespa - and it starts raining.  Fortunately, she's given a ride by a young woman, Eiko Yano, who takes her home and even gives her an umbrella.  The next day, Robin learns that Eiko has been the victim of a fatal car accident.  Robin's immediately suspicious about what's happened, and ropes Amon and Karasuma into helping her investigate what happened.  Interviewing Chie, the last person who saw Eiko alive leads to nothing other than a vague sense that something's not right about her, but Michael comes through again when a search of hospital records throws up the first indications that Chie may be a witch...

Witch Hunter Robin - Not an easy boss to work forWitch Hunter Robin - Vision in the rear-view mirror

7 - Simple-mind
Another STN-J accident investigation - this time the victim is suspected of having taken part in a large robbery a few months before.  Miho and Yurika visit Tazawa, a suspect to question him, but he has witch powers that allow him to escape.  Robin, Amon and Haruto find him shortly afterwards, in the process of crushing his car, inside which a young boy has been locked.  The kid is Mamoru, a relative of Tazawa's, and it turns out that he's the witch, and not Tazawa.  STN-J decide to bring him in to the Factory, but by the time they get to the hospital to pick him up, Mamoru has disappeared, and the race is on to find him before he uses his powers to hurt somebody else...

Witch Hunter Robin - Sole survivorWitch Hunter Robin - The men from the Factory

8 - Faith
A new investigation puts STN-J on the trail of a witch suspected of causing the deaths of other witches as well as several members of the Japanese Mafia.  He's apparently being helped by a pathologist who forged autopsy reports and who is now working in the hospital in which Robin has just been treated.  While he's been using his powers for good - draining the life from criminal elements to save the lives of ill children - it's still not something STN-J can allow to continue.  A tail operation helps Amon and the others track the witch down before he can kill anyone else, but as usual the capture doesn't go as easily as planned...

Witch Hunter Robin - Miraculous recoveryWitch Hunter Robin - Final gift

"Same old, same old" is the phrase that comes to mind after watching these episodes - four investigations, and in each one the witch isn't immediately obviously but is later uncovered thanks to some determined digging by one or other of the STN-J team - all very formulaic.  There are two bright points here that pull the storylines away from Angela Lansbury territory, though - episode 5's witch is the one that got away, although I doubt he'll be coming back to haunt them later, while episode 8 features a 'good' witch who you feel like cheering for more than the STN-J mob.  There are some nice shades of grey intorduced to the story there, which is something I'd like to see more of.

The appearance of the men from the factory in episode 7 tells me that will probably happen - it's when the Factory gets involved that you get a real sense that's something about STN-J just isn't right, and over time there'll hopefully be more of that side of the story featured.  After it being pointed out on the first volume that Robin's been sent to Japan for a reason, it's a shame that was all thrust into the background for these episodes.

Overall, not as good as volume 1 but not too bad as far as 'whodunit' episodes go.  There more to Witch Hunter Robin under the surface, I just hope it all comes to the fore before I get bored...

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