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Monday, 19 June 2006 00:00
Volume Four (Cover Art)As before, this volume of Gantz serves up a little bit of character work, a little bit of gaming action - and Kurono finally getting his end away.  Now there's an image I didn't need stuck in my head.  While he's racking up the game points nicely, he's far more interested in another type of scoring, but Kishimoto's not the final prize...

13 - Please Die
Kurono's found the alien nest, and presumably the "boss" creature that is Gantz's real target - but with so many of the robot-type Yuzo creatures also in the building his chances of making it out alive aren't looking good.  An attempt to pass himself off as Yuzo buys him some time, but things turn nasty when he accidentally steps on one of the alien chicks.  Meanwhile, with Kato's suit out of power Kishimoto and the model guy are left to deal with two of the aliens on their own, but their action comes too late to save the old lady and her grandson...

Angry birdKishimoto takes cover

14 - Goodbye
With the latest hunt over and the players free to do as they please for another while, it's back to "normal" life for everyone.  Tetsu takes the opportunity to "borrow" one of Gantz's weapons, and he's got plans to put it to good use.  Meanwhile, Kato's tolerance of his aunt's abuse is beginning to wear thin, Kurono's beginning to be annoyed by Kishimoto's worship of Kato, and the next round's new players begin to appear...

At thether's endTetsuo shouldn't play with guns

15 - I Wanna Be There Now!
Kishimoto's determination to leave Kurono's apartment lasts all of about five minutes - the length of time it takes her to realise she's got nowhere else to go.  Or at least, that's how it turns out in Kurono's dreams.  The "nowhere else to go" part is true enough, and Kishimoto soon finds herself wandering the streets aimlessly, leaving Kurono on his own with some time to think about his attitude towards her.  Kato, meanwhile, is settling in to his new apartment and is determined not to have to go through another one of Gantz's games - but before long the players are summoned to the room again...

Kurono gets some imaginary assKishimoto woders what Kurono's up to

16 - I'll Do It!
As usual, Kato's doing his best to tell this round's victims how to play the game, but the monk refuses to believe him and tries to convince the others that it's all just a trial for their entrance to heaven, with Kato trying to tempt them down the wrong path.  At least Kurono doesn't have any problems persuading Sakuraoka to see sense - once he's finished banging her brains out.  It's only when the round begins that most of the rest of the group realise Kato was telling the truth.  The game area this time is a Bhuddist temple, with the aliens identified by Gantz apparently two statues guarding the entrance - but even faced with two immobile targets, our "heroes" still can't get the job done...

After the deedSpot the alien

This disc starts off with a fairly forgettable action episode, as the gang finally finish off their round.  Kurono's heroics earn him a healthy 38 points, while Kishimoto also gets off the ground with 10 points after finally realising the only way to get out of game is to play by Gantz's rules.  From there we skip back to the good stuff, with two episodes devoted to the character-driven side of things.  Kato and his little brother get a fair dose of the spotlight as his patience with his aunt finally snaps, leading to Kato taking a more proactive role in looking after his brother - something that leads him to realise he needs to find a way out of the game if he's going to be of any long-term use as a guardian.  There's also a side-plot dealing with Tetsuo, which has something of a bitter-sweet ending to it - he finds out there are things Gantz won't tolerate, but there's some good in there too.

The main character work, though, goes to Kurono and Kishimoto.  Kurono's raging hormones finally get the better of him and he says a little too much to Kishimoto, leading to her leaving the apartment and him having to use his imagination to work off his frustrations (all very graphically portrayed - another well-earned 18-certificate disc, this).  I vaguely remember being a teenager once, and thinking the best way to get back at someone who wouldn't do what you wanted was to piss them off - and that's exactly what he does here, when his remarkably direct question to Sakuraoka on their first meeting leads to hot sex scene #2 - and this one's not his imagination, either.  How that will affect his relationship with Kishimoto long-term remains to be seen, but I doubt it will be good.

The latter parts of episode 15 give a real feeling of deja vu, as a new batch of players ask the same questions and get the same answers as happened in the previous pre-game meetings.  That side of things is definitely getting a bit tired now, as is the complete lack of intelligence from some of the players.  Faced with both their named targets while they're frozen to the spot, not one of the gang has the intelligence to simply use the locator gun on them and beam 'em out of there.  Go figure.

The volume ends just as the real battle begins, meaning volume 5 will be mostly action-based.  Going by past experience, I can't say I'm hugely looking forward to that, but for this volume at least there's some good development and plenty to watch.  I can only hope they finish this battle off quickly...

Rating - ****

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