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Friday, 18 August 2006 00:00
Volume Five (Cover Art)Ah, the eternal questions you ask yourself while you're watching Gantz.  Just how stupid can this lot get?  How long does it take for them to figure out how to pull a trigger?  Do they really have no braincells between them?  You'll be thinking these things, and possibly "why the hell am I still watching this?", a lot while watching this volume, as the slowest battle in the history of the universe continues. Slowly.

17 - I Can Shoot Them, Can't I?
Having waited a little too long to take out their targets the easy way, Kurono decides the one-shot-kill approach would be best if they're to make it out of the round alive.  Unfortunately, his new-found bravado isn't matched by his marksmanship, and before long the gang are on the run, pursued by two very large and very angry aliens.  Eventually even Kato realises that sometimes it's necessary to pull the trigger and the fightback begins, but is it too late?  Elsewhere in the temple, two thugs are having great fun beating the local homeless to death, and wander into the midst of the battlezone while following one of their victims.  When Kato realises what they're doing, his temper snaps...

Someone finally has the balls to shootIncoming!

18 - Welcome Back
With Kurono having finally worked out strategy for dealing with the aliens, it's one down and one to go - but having seen its companion destroyed, the remaining alien is less that happy.  More worrying for Kishimoto and Kato is what they see in Kurono, who's beginning to act more and more like Nishi - and after his one success is beginning to believe his own PR.  Even when the second alien is defeated, the battle isn't over, though - as usual, Gantz hasn't told them everything...

Busy doing nothingKei-kun sugoi!

19 - What the Hell is That!?
Kurono and the others fianlly realise that their battle isn't over yet, as eight smaller aliens descend from parts of the temple to surround them - and from within the temple building, a ninth alien, larger than anything they've face so far, emerges to join the fight.  Hoping the tactics he'd used against the other two targets will work again, Kurono goes into action once more - but his weapons don't seem to have any effect.  The arrival on the scene of two more "civilians", in the midst of a messy breakup, just makes things even more complex...

Even bigger big baddieEmerging from the jaws of.. something

20 - Just Shoot Me!
While looking for the remaining aliens, Kurono and Kato come across the bodies of the homeless people killed by the thugs earlier - and seeing the man he died to save lying dead himself makes Kato begin to wonder why he's bothering.  It also reminds Kurono just how keen he is for the whole Gantz experience to be over - but the remaining targets don't prove as simple to deal with as they'd been expecting...

Final roomKei begins to lose it.

<southpark>Oh my God!  They killed Dog!!  You bastards!</southpark>  Just the first of many casualties this volume, pretty much all of them avoidable by anyone with even an ounce of common sense.  There's problem one.  Problem two is that for our 100 minutes of screentime, we get at most an hour of gametime - and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that does for the pacing.  You could speed this up to 4x speed and still follow it perfectly easily - with the added fun of hearing Kurono speak like Alvin Chipmunk.  That's gotta be more enjoyable than what happens here.

Gantz is real trainwreck of a series, where you see everything in slow motion and can't help but watch, even though it's got no real redeeming features.  For some reason, I always know I'm going to be hugely infuriated by watching it, and yet each new volume always heads straight for the player when I get it.  I really don't understand what the appeal is (and it seems I'm not alone in that), and yet I keep watching - and any series that can pull that off must be doing something right.  I'll be damned if I can see what it is, though.

All told, very little happens here other than a string of gory deaths, and yet it's strangely compelling.  If you too want the feeling of wasting hours of your life on a series you can't stop watching, try Gantz...

Rating - ***

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