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Saturday, 15 May 2004 00:00
.hack//SIGN - Volume 6End of the line for The World in this incarnation. A sizeable chunk of me is saying "Thank God"...

24 - Net Slum
The gang enter Net Slum, Helba's 'safehouse' and a repository for fragments of lost data - including a few copies of Tsukasa, it seems. Something else to give Tsukasa reason to doubt his real identity... Helba's also waiting for them, along with some explanations about what's been going on - in particular why Tsukasa can't log out and the nature of his connection with Aura. Bear & Crim figure out that Subaru's the key to Tsukasa's recovery - but it seems they're not the only ones to have figured it, as she's attacked by one of Morganna's creatures. Meanwhile, Sora's getting involved with things he doesn't understand when he enters Morganna's realm...

25 - Catastrophe
Morganna's not taking her loss well, and Net Slum's no longer the place of safety that it once was, so the gang return to The World proper. BT splits from the group, allegedly to stock up on healing supplies, but has a run in with Sora on the way. Following on from his investigations into Tsukasa's real-world background & a hunch on why he can't log out, Bear has a surprising proposal for Tsukasa, while Sora continues to make life as difficult for the group as he can, and Macha finally chooses to stand on Tsukasa's side of the battle - but it seems it's all for nothing as Tsukasa, Subaru & Mimiru disappear during another attack...

26 - Return
Tsukasa find himself in a barren wasteland, without Subaru and Mimiru, who also find themselves alone similar places - and they're places that aren't quite what they seem. Back at the cathedral, Bear and co try to figure out where they've disappeared to, reaching the conclusion that if Helba can create private areas for her own use, the enemy can too... Meanwhile, Tsukasa & co learn that the area they're in is designed to ruin their resolve & destroy their relationships - once they discover that, they're quickly moved to Aura's place, where Morganna is waiting. On this occasion, it seems she's lost any power she once had over Tsukasa, but she's not prepared to give up without a fight...

15 - Evidence
Recap episode, shunted to the end of the running order on account of its lack of useful or original information. I have to admit that, while I did briefly skip through it back in .hack's fansub days, I didn't bother to look at it this time around.

27 - Intermezzo
Skip back to around the mid-point of the series, as Bear & Mimiru take time to join an event... Mimiru has a particular reason for joining this event, as she tells Bear of a similar event a few years ago, and a peculiar Player Character she met then...

28 - Unison
'Treat for the Fans' time, as characters from the .hack games & SIGN TV series gather in one show for a celebration get-together, to commemorate having survived the worst that The World could throw at them. No story, just fun...

Quite a lot on this disc, including the 2 special episodes that were reserved for the Special Edition release in R1, so no complaining on that point. I can complain about the rest of the show, though. First time around (back in its fansub days), .hack//SIGN managed to get by on its style & killer soundtrack. This second time around, I've found myself wondering where the initial appeal of the show has gone, and noticing that a lot of things are hinted at through the course of the show & never resolved later - and there's nothing worse than dangling plot threads.

Individually, .hack has some good episodes - on this disc, Intermezzo in particular is good fun to watch (Mimiru's previous character design is just too cute), but taken as a whole there's definitely something missing in the plot department.

Overall, then, good the first time around on account of its style, but sadly lacking in replay value due to a distinct lack of substance.

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