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Saturday, 06 March 2004 00:00
Please Teacher - Volume 4What odds for happy endings all round? It's the final disc of Please Teacher...

11 - Teacher
The episode starts with a glimpse into why Kei comes to a standstill - "If you don't want to feel sadness, you just have to come to a stop...". Mizuho's figured out what's causing it as well, but she's at a loss for what to do about it. Eventually she decides drastic situations require drastic measures, and breaks the rules of her Observer position by entering Kei's mind to try & bring him back...

12 - Teacher Once Again
Final episode of the Please Teacher TV series. Having broken the rules of her posting to Earth, Mizuho has been recalled & placed on trial. The verdict: those on Earth who have had contact with her will have their memories of her erased. And so life returns to normal for Kei and his friends. Mizuho, however, isn't ready to give up quite so easily & a year later returns to Earth against her orders - but with Kei not remembering her, can she get their relationship back to what it was before?

13 - Secret Couple
Originally released as an OVA episode, this is slightly more ecchi than usual... :) Mizuho's mom & little sister come to visit (hey! They're channelling Oh! My Goddess! again!) - Mom seems to have gotten the hots for Kei, much to Mizuho's disgust, and when he's seen wandering around town with Maho in tow, people get the wrong idea... Kei, suffering from lolicon? Surely not...

And so it all ends with everyone living pretty much happily ever after. The OVA episode is good fun, with all the angst of the main series being left behind in favour of a purely fun episode - probably the highlight of the disc. As for the conclusion of the TV episodes - this was played out pretty much how I expected it to. Mizuho's actions show that she does actually love Kei & would go to any length to save him, but for all that it felt too much like a 'reset button' ending - this bad stuff has happened but we're going to pretend it didn't.

Thankfully, the ending of a series isn't the only thing that contributes to the enjoyment of it. Please Teacher's ending may have been sadly lacking, but most of the show has been enjoyable to watch - so it gets a 'Recommended' from me. I just wish they'd put a bit more thought in the ending, but no show is entirely perfect...

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