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Saturday, 09 April 2005 13:16

OVA2.1 - The Bride of Roshtaria
The Bugrom and the Phantom Tribe have been defeated, and normal life has returned to Roshtaria.  Unable to return home, the gang from Earth are making the best of the situation - Jinnai is still with what's left of the Bugrom, looking for a new way to take over the world, Nanami has started her own restuarant, Makoto is researching El-Hazard's ancient civilisation in the hope of finding a way to get them home - and Fujiyama-sensei's getting married.  Or is he?  When Fujisawa goes missing on the day of the wedding, the jilted bride vows to track him down, and drags the rest of the gang along with her.  Meanwhile, Jinnai's search for a new home for the Bugrom leads to an unexpected discovery...

El-Hazard - Miz anticipates married lifeEl-Hazard - Shayla-Shayla falls victim to one of Fatora's plots

OVA2.2 - Awakening of Kalia
Jinnai's found himself a new Demon God - Kalia, although she doesn't seem to have the same obedience circuitry that Ifurita had.  She does claim to know the location of an unbeatable weapon, however, so she has Jinnai's full attention.  Meanwhile, Makoto and the gang find themselves in a hidden world when their ship crashes - and Ifurita is there to meet them.  She doesn't seem to remember any of them, however, and wastes no time in attacking them.  Trying to find out what's wrong with her, Makoto gets close enough to read her soul - and finds out that this isn't the Ifurita they knew.  The master of this Ifurita is an old man who also came to El-Hazard from another world - and who else should find there way here but Fujisawa, and following not far behind, Jinnai and Kalia...

El-Hazard - Jinnai discovers KaliaEl-Hazard - Ifurita - or is it?

OVA2.3 - Ifurita, Farewell to Destiny
With Jinnai and Kalia safely past Ifurita's defences, Kalia reveals her true nature and abilities - like Ifurita, she has amazing powers, and the ability to drain the life from living things.  Jinnai's all set to use her to help with his plan to take over the world, but Kalia has other ideas - there's something in the temple that she wants, and she's not about to let anyone stand in her way.  The priestesses alone don't have enough power to overcome Kalia's abilities, but perhaps Ifurita will be able to...

El-Hazard - Kalia reveals her true natureEl-Hazard - Ifurita layeth the smack down

OVA2.4 - Promise for Reunion
With Ifurita defeated, it seems nothing can stop Kalia's plans with the Trigger for Destruction now assembled and operational - if she gets the opportunity to use it, it will mean the end for El-Hazard.  She may have made something of a tactical error, though, by taking Miz captive, as Fujisawa's determined to get her back.  Yuba thinks he may have a way to reactivate Ifurita, although it carries a high price, while the need to destroy the Trigger for Destruction quickly means there may not be enough time to rescue Miz...

El-Hazard - The Trigger for DestructionEl-Hazard - Kalia lets her guard down

El-Hazard 2's reputation among fans is almost the polar opposite to the first series - abomination, terrible, cash-in and other phrases are what you'll hear if you dare mention its name.  There's even a school of though that says that even though this series is included in the set, you shouldn't watch it.  I'm nothing if not a glutton for punishment, though, so I did.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I wish I hadn't, but it certainly wasn't the most enjoyable 2 hours of my life - and the difference between the two shows is particularly jarring when you watch them back-to-back.  The personalities of the characters have been messed with to make this more comic than the original OVA, while the story lacked that epic feel.  While the first El-Hazard kept you glued to the screen, this couldn't.

As a standalone show, it probably wouldn't be too bad - but carrying the El-Hazard name mean high expectations, and El-Hazard 2 doesn't live up to them.

And finally...
The OVA Collection comes in perhaps the most gorgeous packaging I've seen - describing it wouldn't do the artwork justice, so here's a few images...

El-Hazard - Digipack artwork (outer cover)

El-Hazard - Digipack artwork (inside 1)El-Hazard - Digipack artwork (inside 2)

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