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Friday, 08 July 2005 12:20
Galaxy Angel - Volume 4 (Cover Art)One season down, at least two to go - Galaxy Angel goes out with the promise of nastier things to come, but don't be expecting it to live up to them.  Away from any hint of a possible plot (if the manga can manage it, why can't the anime!?), the series continues with its tried-and-tested comic formula.  Careful pacing required.

21 - Deco Pizza
Mint's search for decent pizza has also led Ranpha to a passably cute boy - he's the owner of the pizza joint they've been trying to order from, but business has been bad (making disgusting pizza will do that), and he's afraid to open to doors or make a delivery in case the debt collection people get hold of him.  Will Ranpha, Mint and Vanilla be able to help him turn his business around..?  Not with the special promotions Mint's been coming up with, they won't...

22 - Board Girl Special Secret Fried Roll
Mint's got herself stuck in an awkward situation - she's stuck in a theme-park prop, and thinking hard about her impending embarassment.  Meanwhile, the other members of the Angel Brigade are running full-tilt for her position, trying to avoid an incoming high tide than threatens to drown them.  Does Mint a) help them avoid certain death, or b) send them on a dangerous wild goose chase in an attempt to avoid being caught in a compromising position?  This is Mint we're talking about - option b wins, no contest.  But it seems the freak tide threatening the others is no natural phenomenon...

Galaxy Angel - Even bad pizza doesn't put Ranpha offGalaxy Angel - Mint stops at nothing to save her pride

23 - Pitch Black Laughing Pepper
There's a price out on Vanilla's head - but not to have her killed, but rather to make her laugh.  The mysterious Mr God, the God of Laughter, is out to get her - she didn't laugh at all when she went to see his performance, and the shock of that was a real career-ending experience.  Now he's searching for a successor, with just one criteria - make Vanilla laugh.  But that's impossible, right?

24 - Tear Flavoured Missile Rice Bowl
A giant dice has appeared in space and the Angel Brigade have been sent to take care of it.  Total destruction seems to be the preferred option, but no matter what they do they can't even cause a scratch on it - just provoke it into retaliating.  The one person who seems to know how to handle it is Normad, who has encountered this dice - real name Q-Taro - before: it's what he was created to destroy.  With Q-Taro back, it's time for Normad to complete his programming and sacrifice his life to save the others.  Yeah, right...

Galaxy Angel - Spotlight on the one person who won't laugh at Mr GodGalaxy Angel - Q-Taro, the demonic flying dice

25 - Angel Dark Space Chazuke
The Angel Brigade are stuck back at base dealing with their backlog of paperwork, and it's driving everyone nuts - except for Milfeulle, who's got all hers sorted already.  Wait, that doesn't sound right - could the real Milfeulle have been kidnapped and replaced by an impostor?  Commander Wolcott certainly thinks so, and has her carted off in chain, leaving the rest of the Angel Brigade to get used to life without the empty-headed one.  It's just too dull to contemplate, and so a break-out attempt is arranged...

26 - Five Sukiyaki Lunch Boxes
The girls latest mission doesn't appear to be much front - they're taking turns to drive the mysterious Johnny through the desert.  Johnny's a strange one - he always seem to know just what to talk about to keep whichever girl is driving occupied, so Milfuelle gets loads of recipes from him, which Mint hears lots about cosplay outfits.  What they don't know, is that Johnny's just talking in his sleep...

Galaxy Angel - Evil angels.  Don't tell me Evil Mint isn't hawt...Galaxy Angel - Sleeping, or listening carefully?

Note to Brocolli: make a show featuring the evil Galaxy Angels - evil Mint's just too good to pass up on.  Sadly, I don't recall the Fake Angel Brigade making any appearances after this, at least during the second season.  A damn shame if ever there was one.

Moving quickly onwards, the humour in Galaxy Angel continues to be hit & miss - Mr God just wasn't funny - I'd guess that was intentional, but it didn't make that episode any easier to watch.  Likewise, episode 26 (a 'special' which wasn't part of the original TV run) is just dull.  On the bright side, episodes 22, 24 & 25 are all good - the afore-mentioned Fake Angel Brigade may not appear much, but as episodes go their appearance was one of the best, while any episode where Mint is the lead character (22) is always good for a laugh, as she connives her way through the show, prepared to sacrifice the rest of the team if it'll just mean she can save her pride.

As usual, Galaxy Angel comes with a "Don't watch it all at once" health warning - you'll get bored of the humour very quickly if you do.  Two at a time seems to be the sweet spot for this type of show - that way, it becomes a good distraction  that's perfectly watchable.  It's certainly not the greatest show ever, but there are also many that are a lot worse.

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