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Tuesday, 10 January 2006 00:00
Gravion Zwei - Volume Two (Cover Art)"Foreshadowing".  I'm sure at least some of the Gravion Zwei writing staff have heard of the term (making sure that there are hints and pointers towards any big revelations you plan in a series, so people don't think you just pulled them out of nowhere), but it seems none of them decided to use the principle.  This volume is full of earth-shattering revelations, and for each and every one your first reaction is likely to be "What the...!?"

5 - The Dreaming Lone Island
The Gran Knights are on holiday again - this time to Grand Island, a theme park in the middle of the ocean that tries to replicate all the best sights from around the world.  Okay, so the trip's really meant to be an investigation into a suspected Zeravire infiltration, but no-one really seems to be worrying too much about that, while back at the castle Raven's having a hard time fighting off demands from the younger maids who have missed out on the trip.  The mission also gives some of the characters some quiet time together (cue some touching and almost romantic moments), but it's not long before the Zeravire reveal themselves and the gang are forced into action - but this time the Zeravire have a new plan for defeating God Gravion...

Gravion Zwei - Rollercoaster funGravion Zwei - Leele gets close to the enemy

6 - Rosary of Grief
Mizuki pays a visit to EFA headquarters, where she hands over a large amount of information she's gathered while working for Sandman - it seems she's been an undercover agent, and Faye's particularly grateful for the information Mizuki's uncovered.  Back at the castle, Leele finally reawakens after her up-close encounter with the Zeravire.  The official explanation from Raven is that Leele had seen the Zeravire's memories & had suffered a mental breakdown as a result, but Eiji's convinced Raven and Sandman are hiding the truth.  Fortunately for him, Mizuki left him the entry password for the top-secret North Tower, so along with Toga, Ena and Luna he goes investigating.  What they find is the truth behind Sandman, the Zeravire, and the threat facing the Earth...

Gravion Zwei - Mizuki reports back to her EFA bossesGravion Zwei - Sandman (or Zeig) battle on his homeworld

7 - The Shattered Diva
The emotional shock of all that's happened to her has left Leele in a coma, and Eiji's in no mood to forgive Toga for what he's done, even if it wasn't intentional.  It's finally beginning to dawn on Toga that his actions have an effect on others, but it's a bit late for that now.  While everyone is brooding, another Zeravire attacks - the remaining members of the Gran Knights are scrambled, but no-one's really in a fighting mood.  Toga in particular is now wary of taking any decision that affects the others, and when he finally gives the order for Gravion to assemble, the combining maneuver is interrupted by the Zeravire - several pieces of the Zeravire combine with Gran Kaiser instead of the other Gran Diva and begin to drain its power...

Gravion Zwei - Too many revelations for poor LeeleGravion Zwei - Gran Kaiser is seized by a Zeravire

8 - When Gravity Loses its Strength
Mizuki has left, Leele's still in a coma, Ena's dead, and Toga and Luna are missing - with just Eiji left, things aren't looking good for the Gran Knights.  Hugi Zeravire, the man behind the attacks on Earth, watches from a safe distance and plans the final stages of his conquest.  Back on Earth, Eiji leaves the castle and goes in search of Toga.  Luna was picked up by EFA after the last battle and has been taken to one of their bases, where she's being subjected to a barrage of tests - Faye has a particular interest in her, as Luna seems to have been recruited to the Gran Knights in her place and she can't quite figure out why.  In the meantime, EFA begin their public bragging, now that their own forces have finally won a fight against the Zeravire - a battle in which Gravion was very publicly humiliated, no less.  When the next Zeravire attack is launched, there's nothing for Raven to do but watch, giving the Gran Troopers another chance to prove themselves.  Meanwhile, Sandman, aka Zeig Zeravire, is beginning to feel sorry for himself and worried that Hugi has finally come for him...

Gravion Zwei - Gratuitous Thoria picGravion Zwei - Faye swings into action

Where to start...  Mizuki's an EFA spy?  Raven's Ayaka?  Ena's not human?  Sandman's an alien?  And there are more besides - with not a single hint having been given anywhere to any of it.  It really was all pulled out of nowhere.  But you know, I really don't care - Gravion has never really been about wonderfully intricate plotlines.  It's been about shallow comedy, fanservice & giant robot action - which it still provides plenty of, despite the sudden appearance of a backstory.

That backstory involves filling in the details of just who Sandman - real name, Zeig Zeravire - really is, where the Zeravire (aka Genocitron) originated from and why he created Gravion.  It's all quite interesting, and the introduction of a few new characters and an identifiable Bad Guy™ does make things that little more personal.  It all adds up to make this disc probably the best one yet out of both Gravion series, and thoroughly enjoyable - if you can ignore the lack of any forwarning of all the plot twists it contains.  But then, sometimes mindless fun really is the best type...

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