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Thursday, 19 January 2006 00:00
Gravion Zwei - Volume 3 (Cover Art)After two series and 25 episodes, Gravion finally reaches the end of the line.  I'm not sure if I'll miss the fanservice or not, but I'd be quite happy for Thoria to get her own spin-off series.  In the meantime, it's time for Sandman and the rest of the gang to finally take care of the ultimate grumpy in-law and see off Hugi Zeravire's threat once and for all...

9 - The Crimson Fang
Faye manages to retrieve Toga before Eiji's able to find him, and brings him to the ruins of the orphanage where they both spent their childhood.  Sandman was the sponsor of the orphanage, and she's never quite got over him choosing Toga over her as the Gran Kaiser's pilot - so now that he's lost to a Zeravire that she defeated, she's not shy about rubbing it in, even though his mind is in no state to deal with it.  Her attempts to persuade Toga to sign up has her subordinate in the Gran Troopers are interrupted when Eiji finally manages to track them down.  Back at the castle, Leele has finally awakened - although she's still not quite herself - while Sandman's been analysing the site of the last battle and has detected a number of graviton anomalies in the area, something that's causing him concern, but without a team to pilot the Gravion there's not much her can do.  Sure enough, the distortion soon becomes the emergence point for a whole fleet of Zeravire.  Meanwhile, Mizuki's had a change of heart and escapes with Luna from the Gran Troopers base (bringing the President with them, just in case) - hooking up with Toga and Eiji gives Sandman four of his pilots again, and with EFA's Gran Troopers unable to cope with the Zeravire fleet humanity needs all the help they can get...

Gravion Zwei - Weren't they cute when they were young?Gravion Zwei - The gang's all here

10 - Flames of the Sun
The newly-arrived Sol Gravion takes care of the Zeravire fleet with almost embarassing ease, leaving both the Gravion team and the Gran Troopers to wonder just what's been released - even Hugi's surprised by what Zeig/Sandman has managed to produce.  Even more surprising is the pilot's identity - Ena, with new-look pink hair and extra-skimpy uniform.  When Gravion and Sol Gravion's powers are combined, the results are truly awe-inspiring - or as Sandman sees it, truly terrifying.  A new Gravion means new ships for the team to learn to pilot, so they use the break between Zeravire attacks to get used to their new toys.  Meanwhile, Sandman comes to terms with what he'll need to do to finally defeat Hugi, who has announced to the world that he'll destroy the Earth in 48 hours...

Gravion Zwei - Hugi's not happyGravion Zwei - New-look Ena

11 - Genesis Machine
Rather than wait for Hugi to launch his final offensive, Sandman decides to take the battle to him, and uses the Gravigoras to take Sol Gravion and the team to Hugi's world, Goma.  Almost 500 years of preparation, and the final showdown is finally near.  Hugi's plan is to use his Planetary Re-creation Machine - kind of a giant terraforming device (or Genesis Device, if you're a Star Trek fan) to reformat the Earth's surface.  He's already begun the process of enveloping the Earth - Sol Gravion and the Gran Troopers only have limited time to deal with Hugi, and it's not going to be easy, as Hugi's been working on his own giant mech, and Sandman's about the feel the pain of an unexpected betrayal...

Gravion Zwei - Sol GravionGravion Zwei - Sandman takes control

12 - Triumphal Song of the Soul
Sol Gravion takes on Hugi's mech in what they hope will be their final battle, while Sandman faces off against his brother-in-law to finally settle their centuries-old feud, and neither battle seems to be going well for the good guys.  For Sol Gravion, Leele's the solution - Hugi had originally designed his Genocidron to not attack her,  and she uses that to give them an advantage.  For Sandman, it's the soul of his dead wife that comes to his rescue - but after so many years of life and so many deaths around him, even in victory Sandman feels he has to atone for his sins.  Not to mention that Hugi had one last surprise up his sleeve that could render Gravion's victory shortlived...

Gravion Zwei - Hugi's ultimate ZeravireGravion Zwei - Lufira's memories awaken

Gravion Zwei - Ultimate GravionGravion Zwei - Another gratuitous Thoria pic :)

There's also a short epilogue of sorts after the closing credits on the final episode, so make sure to keep watching.

Gravion Zwei - Happy brideGravion Zwei - No, Toga, you can't marry Eiji...

Pretty much every trick in the giant robot book is used across the course of these four episodes - the new, super-powered robot that's been secretly developed!  The miraculous return of the dead pilot!  The giant fortress that turns into a battleship!  More super power-ups than you can shake a stick at!  The threat of imminent defeat, only for the good guys to turn everything around with just one lucky break!  You get the picture.  Gravion has always been mecha-by-the-numbers, though, so if you've stuck it this far then, like me, you're unlikely to care about the lack of originality.

Lufira's one key component in the to'ing and fro'ing of the battle - in case you missed it, she was Hugi's sister & Sandman's wife who was meant to have died centuries ago, and what Sandman had thought had been Lufira is revealed to be just an android replica.  The real root cause of Hugi's craze for destruction was Lufira's death from illness, for which he blames Sandman.  He was also under a form of mind control from his Genocidron system, which amplified his urge to kill.  The real Lufira's memories were transferred to her android form & became self aware.  Let the lesson be, keep your in-laws on your good side.

In the end, it's happiness all around (unless you're Hugi), which is as you'd expect it.  Gravion didn't generate too many deep mysteries over the course of the series, but what was there is all tied up fairly well by the final credits.  Sure, it's as shallow as hell, but Gravion wasn't trying to be anything other than mindless, fanservicey fun - and it does that really well.  Worth checking out.

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